Useful Links For Parents

This will be a regular feature on the blog. It’s so much fun to be able to share what I found during the week while surfing the net. This week I am sharing 3 more useful links for parents. Enjoy!

Useful Links For Parents 1 of 3: Display Kids Art

Check out a fun way to display your kid’s art- Photo Credit Sarah B Richardson

Useful Links For Parents

  1. Fun way to display your kids’ art: I came upon this link while reading this article on This is something I’m definitely going to be doing soon. My daughter loves to paint and draw and I foresee having quite a collection of artwork in a not too distant future.
  2. Recipe: Lentil Soup Indian Style: Dal Fry.
    Sad fact #1: There are no good Indian restaurant where we live.
    Sad fact #2: My husband has developed an allergy to chili pepper and it’s been almost impossible to go to an indian restaurant and order anything that doesn’t have chili pepper in it.
    Happy Fact: We now can eat Indian Food at home. At, the recipes are very clear and the end result is amazing. I make this yellow lentil soup at least once a month.
    Variations: I cook the lentil in a slow cooker the night before. I cook an entire bag (quadruple recipe) and freeze any leftover.
  3. Easy Apple Tart recipe: I haven’t tried that one but it sure looks good. Being originally from Reunion Island, a French state, I love a good traditional apple tart. It’s actually what I get as my birthday cake each year ever for the past 14 years. I am looking forward to baking this. Thanks to my friend Kristin for sharing.

I hope you found these 3 Useful Links for Parents, well…. useful. Stay tuned for another installment next week. Happy web surfing. :-)

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